Overview of Services

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The Peckman Difference

For us, it boils down to six basic principles:

  1. We work until the job is done. Our commitment to the client begins with the development of a comprehensive job description and hiring plan that reflects your company’s long- and short-term goals. We keep working until we reach our goal: your complete satisfaction with a new hire.
  1. We customize our approach to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking to fill a single position or build out an entire team, Peckman Search Partners will bring the expertise and the capacity required to give you exactly the service you’re looking for.
  1. We embrace our experience and our network. At every stage of the search, we put our experience at your disposal. Our deep portfolio of 10,000+ connections includes information not only on candidates’ skills, but on the intangibles that help ensure a perfect fit with the client’s expectations and organizational culture.
  1. We value the importance of open, transparent recruiter-client communication. When you call, we will answer – it’s as simple as that. We don’t take shortcuts or become unavailable and incommunicado, because that’s not how we would want to be treated.
  1. We respect our clients and our candidates – and uphold the highest standards of professional ethics in working with them. There is no way to sustain a successful business over time if you don’t treat people the right way. We want our candidates to know their own worth, and our clients to rest easy in the understanding that we will deliver on what we promise. When the time comes to negotiate salary, our experts in executive compensation will ensure a fair outcome for all parties.
  1. We have fun. Peckman’s recruiters have the confidence that comes from years of experience as the executive-search and strategic-teambuilding leader in the Pacific Northwest. This translates into a sense of creativity and cooperation that informs everything we do. That spirit is infectious – and is a big reason why clients and candidates keep coming back, and keep referring us to friends and colleagues.

And while our first love is executive recruiting, it’s normal for us to build out whole companies
for our newly placed executives. People trust us that much.


At Peckman Search Partners, our methodology has been honed over the years into an efficient and thorough process that has repeatedly resulted in excellent matches for clients and candidates alike.


We interview our client’s leadership to get a thorough picture of the position that needs to be sourced. We learn as much as we can about the business itself – its structure, culture, current needs and long-term goals. We seek out every nuance of what the client is looking for from the hiring process.

From there, we build a comprehensive hiring plan based on the client’s long- and short-term goals. This includes a needs assessment and a review of your hiring process.

We also develop a thorough and highly customized announcement to our network, based on the client’s description of the position.


After establishing a comprehensive candidate profile, we reach out to members of our global network. We’ve spent over two decades building this professional and personal network, which extends from the C-suite to the startup world. It includes experienced professionals we’ve known for years, as well as outstanding new talent.

We conduct carefully honed searches within targeted industries to find the desired fit for your particular opportunity. When you work with Peckman Search Partners, you’ll see more candidates with more of the qualifications you need.

If it turns out that your perfect match is currently with a competitor, that doesn’t mean we won’t talk with them. If raiding the competition is the best strategy, we’ll do it with grace and professionalism.

Even as we’re talking with candidates, we keep talking with you. Unlike most recruiting firms, we are continually in touch, to make sure you’re always aware of our progress – and to make sure that we’re always aware of your needs and priorities.


We conduct extensive interviewing, including thorough background vetting, but this is merely the first layer of our screening protocol.

Our process includes checking and double-checking candidates for the specific competencies that our clients have identified – and for such vital personal traits as strategic acumen, grace under pressure, and initiative.

Using proven methodology and technology, Peckman Search Partners will provide you with the most complete, accurate, and up-to-date profile of each candidate and his or her qualifications. We use multiple confidential cloud-based technology platforms, to which our clients have access. We keep all client and candidate data in our proprietary and confidential database.


At this point, we have weekly update calls to review the comprehensive profiles of each candidate who made it through our thorough screening, so that we can identify the specific candidates with whom you’d like to advance to the next level.

Peckman Search Partners will help you ensure a smooth and successful interview process, so you and your team can focus on talking with candidates rather than on managing the logistics of the process.

We are available to work with your executive team on all aspects of the interview sequence, including the collection and reporting of feedback from the interview teams. We also gather feedback from candidates themselves, incorporating that information into a detailed recap for the hiring team’s use, all accessible through a cloud-based customized application.


After the interview cycle has ended, we will meet with the executive team to discuss each finalist and consider the best fit for the position. Once an ideal candidate is decided upon, we take the steps necessary to seal the deal. We will work with you to craft a compensation package and carry out final pre-hire discussions.


When you’re making a new hire, you’re not just checking another item off your to-do list. You’re defining the future of your business.

Whether you’re sourcing a single position or building an entire team, you need a partner who understands the importance of this moment.

You need someone who already knows the market – and who will take the time to get to know you and your organization.

You need someone who will do more than just hand you a stack of resumes. You need someone who will go the extra mile to understand your needs, your industry, your culture.

In other words, you need someone who cares, and who demonstrates that care every step of the way.

That’s the approach that has made Peckman Search Partners the premiere executive-search and strategic-teambuilding firm in the Pacific Northwest.

With our deep candidate network and extensive market experience, we pledge to our clients’ complete satisfaction. We seek nothing less than providing exactly the right candidates, at exactly the right time.

At Peckman Search Partners, we know that when it comes to making great hires for our clients, caring is the ultimate competitive advantage.