As one of the leading executive-search firms in the Pacific Northwest, Peckman Search Partners has deep expertise in helping clients source and retain key individual positions. But there’s another service we make available to businesses: Strategic Teambuilding.

For a reasonable monthly retainer, clients receive unlimited executive-search assistance, but also something more: Gina Peckman’s expert guidance on how to build out an entire team.

This is a highly effective, cost-efficient way to derive maximum benefit from Gina’s deep experience and unique insight. It’s an approach that has already generated excellent results for one company after another.

It might be just what your organization needs – especially if it’s growing quickly, establishing a new division, embarking on a merger, coming out of a turnaround, or facing a major transition.

At such times, Gina Peckman’s experience – particularly with high-growth companies – can be invaluable. By engaging comprehensively with the client on the full scope of its personnel needs, she and her team provide insights and assistance that help strengthen the organization as a whole.

Gina takes the time to get to know clients’ business in depth – and helps them understand how their hiring process can help them structure their organization and achieve their strategic aims.

She will help you tailor your job descriptions; your announcements to the PSP network, your compensation packages; your training programs; and other elements of strategy and outreach.

For Dave Wilner, Vice President for Global Sales at Auth0 – a fast-growing identity-management startup in Bellevue, Wash. – the value of Gina’s Strategic Teambuilding counsel has been clear:

“From my perspective, I get a lot more scale on my recruiting so I don’t have to train a new recruiter to understand our business, our market, our values, my personal preferences, or our company’s culture – so, if anything, I’m actually saving money.”

Strategic Teambuilding can help a client develop anything from a small division to an entire startup roster. Winshuttle, a high-growth software-management firm in Bothell, Wash., called upon Gina to carry out an overhaul of the North American sales force.

“She’s at that level where I can trust and know that her abilities are aligned with my expectations, so she’s a fantastic partner with HR,” said Stacy Cheuvront, Winshuttle’s vice president of human resources. “It cuts down on my workload in a lot of ways, and helps me keep the sales recruitment going without having to spend as many hours as I typically would have to in coaching and engaging in the process, so she’s like an extension of my team. It’s definitely what you need when you’re doing this kind of project.”


Auth0 (pronounced “auth-zero”) is one of the Seattle area’s most dynamic tech firms, experiencing 500 percent growth in 2015 alone. The Bellevue company has established itself as a leader in digital authorization and online identity management – hot sectors where customer demand is rising rapidly.

Dave Wilner, Auth0’s Vice President for global sales, needed to build out the company’s sales team quickly to respond to this growing demand. He needed to find the right people, and he needed to find them fast.

But this would be about more than just putting names in slots – he needed someone who could offer trusted guidance on how Auth0’s new hires fit the company’s overall strategic direction. At this vital moment in the company’s development, he knew these hires would go a long way toward defining the culture and the trajectory of the organization.

In other words, the stakes were high. So Dave turned to someone he could trust with the future of his company – Peckman Search Partners.

His reason for doing so was straightforward: He knew firsthand what Gina could do for a fast-growing company.

When Dave was an executive with the software company K2, Gina helped him fill several senior-executive and individual-contributor positions. Her skill and knowledge led Dave and his K2 colleagues to regard her as a true strategic partner.

“At first it was more executive placement, then because she learned so much about the business, she helped us build out several different functions,” he said.

At Auth0, Dave would call upon Gina for even more – to help him build a team from scratch, helping to create a culture that fit the company’s strategic vision.

When asked why he had such confidence that Gina could help a new company like Auth0, he replied, “It was a combination of things. One was her knowledge of the market in Seattle and understanding the good places to look for folks that would have the right kind of skill sets. I knew that she could be fairly surgical in the people that she went after for me, so that was part of it.”

In addition, Dave said, “She’s worked with enough early-stage companies that I had confidence that she would not bring me people that were bad cultural fits, and that she understood the secret sauce that we would need for certain employees in certain roles. She does a good job of finding the right personalities that would fit well.”

Dave cited a vivid example of Gina’s instinct for finding the right person for the right job. He was trying to fill an important sales role, and Gina sent him a resume for a candidate who lacked a college degree and had worked primarily for a chain retail store before a brief stint in the software industry. At first, Dave was unsure about whether there was a fit – but he acted on Gina’s guidance, and the results have spoken for themselves.

“The guy’s been here a month and a half, and he’s a star,” Dave said. “And he’s a star because he’s got something to prove, he’s very entrepreneurial, very high-energy, very driven and he’s going to do very well here. And Gina got that, and in that respect got it before even I did.”

Dave added, “She tends to bring me untraditional candidates that maybe on paper make me say, ‘Why am I talking to this person?’ and then I meet them and I’m like, ‘Got it, I’m sold.’”

He said he appreciated Gina’s willingness to go beyond the normal expectations of recruiters, and to act as a genuinely constructive strategic partner. He said that at both K2 and Auth0, there were occasions when the specifications for a particular position didn’t line up with the company’s true needs.

“She called us on that, and forced us to really reconsider that, whereas I would say most recruiters would just start blasting us with resumes that may or may not fit,” he said. “She’s much more respectful of our time and our money, even if that means she has to have an uncomfortable conversation with us.”

Dave said the monthly retainer that Auth0 has paid Gina for Strategic Teambuilding service has been quite worthwhile: “I haven’t felt that we’ve paid more at all,” he said. “From my perspective, I get a lot more scale on my recruiting so I don’t have to train a new recruiter to understand our business, our market, our values, my personal preferences, or our company’s culture – so if anything, I’m actually saving money.”

If you want to learn more about how Strategic Teambuilding can help save your business money and position you for a new level of growth, contact Peckman Search Partners today – we’ll be glad to talk about how we can help you.

Winshuttle, based in Bothell, Wash., is a fast-growing company that helps its clients use software to manage their workflow. To help meet the rising demand for its services, Winshuttle sought to overhaul its North American sales team.

Stacy Cheuvront, Winshuttle’s Vice President of Human Resources, knew who could help. At her previous company, Stacy had called upon Gina Peckman to find a new head of international sales. Now, with approximately 15 strategic sales-account representative roles to fill at Winshuttle, she wanted Gina aboard.

Stacy said, “If I could get her, I’d put her on retainer to be my partner through this process, and that’s exactly what we’ve done.”

She brought Gina in to meet with Winshuttle’s head of sales, to make sure the company had a comprehensive hiring process in place, and that it was looking for the right attributes in its candidates.

“She spent a lot of time – which is fantastic – learning about our business and our competitors,” Stacy said. “She put together a competition list and just helped us really think through where we would go to search for the types of people we said we needed.”

Stacy said Gina had become a true strategic partner to Winshuttle’s executive leadership. “We were able to partner through the whole entire process,” she said. “I really handed over the front-end piece to Gina, of not only screening candidates but describing our company and helping candidates get excited about where we’re going and what we’re doing.”

“She did a fantastic job,” Stacy said of Gina. “I literally have received compliment after compliment. People have asked, ‘Who is Gina? Does she work here?’ and I tell them, ‘Nope, she’s a consultant,’ and they’re like, ‘She really knows your business.’”

The proof of Gina’s contribution has been in the quality of the candidates who have come through Winshuttle’s door.

“We’re dealing with very strategic, tenured salespeople who are coming in very well prepared at a level that we’ve not seen before,” Stacy said. “Our sales directors are really blown away by it as well, so it’s been great.”

When asked about Gina’s greatest value to Winshuttle, Stacy immediately replied, “Coaching the managers. Managers get confused or lost in the process, so she’s a great partner to HR.”

“Normally, I would not set a recruiter loose and say, go coach my managers,” Stacy added. “But Gina’s at that level where she knows my expectations, so she’s a fantastic partner. It cuts down on my workload in a lot of ways, and helps me keep the sales recruitment going without having to spend as many hours as I typically would have to in coaching and engaging in the process, so she’s like an extension of my team. It’s definitely what you need when you’re doing this kind of project.”

For Stacy, the decision to turn to Gina for this important teambuilding assignment came down to trust.

“I’ve worked with her in the past, so I knew what she was going to bring,” she said. “I do not work with recruiters that I don’t know. I’m really picky. I trust her, and I know I can have an open conversation and she’s going to listen, and we’re going to accomplish the mission we’ve put out in front of us. That’s the value that Gina brings. I feel very comfortable with her.”

If your company is looking for a partner it can trust in building its team, contact Peckman Search Partners today. We’ll be glad to talk with you about what Strategic Teambuilding can do for you.