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Can Companies Find Their Glass Slipper with Glassdoor?

You may have heard of it, you may have not –but the fast-growing website Glassdoor.com is taking online job hunting and employer recruiting to a whole new level. Much like the employment-oriented networking site LinkenIn, Glassdoor allows an employer to find strong candidates, and strong candidates to find an employer [...]

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Diary of a Soon to be College Grad: Entry 1

Spiffing up the LinkedIn Profile My LinkedIn Profile was meh. It was a bare bones version of my resume with almost nothing about any of my accomplishments, aspirations, or interests. I admit, I was guilty of the “why bother with LinkedIn” mentality. Thankfully, that viewpoint has changed. I’m taking a [...]

Personal Branding on LinkedIn: Why your profile photo is so important

If we have to see an inappropriate LinkedIn Profile photo one more time... Everyone knows someone who has that inappropriate profile picture. You know, the eye-roll inducing trying-to-be-funny-and-ironic photo, the dirty mirror selfie, the peace signs, the dark sunglass mystery-man mug, the semi sexually suggestive glamour shots… the list could [...]

A Holiday Thank You from Gina

Before we all flip the calendar page over to 2016, I want to thank you -- my friends, colleagues, and loyal readers -- for all you have done and all you have given over the past year. We are all only as good -- and only as successful -- as the [...]

“Respect the Bird”: Big Companies Display Regard for Thanksgiving Holiday

This past week has been a rough one in terms of holiday discussion – people have been complaining about the red Starbucks cups and premature Christmas lights. In the spirit of separating out our holidays and respecting that they are a time to spend with family and not at the [...]

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5 Misconceptions New Grads Have About the Workplace

Your Salary = Your take home pay… It’s not as much as you think! Think taxes and 401k’s. You’ll need to make sure you know exactly what your take home pay is before renting that really awesome – and expensive – apartment, or before buying a shiny new vehicle. In [...]

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The Worst Business Etiquette Mistakes

  In the business world, there are several practices that are important in building and maintaining professional relationships. Professional etiquette is something that has seemed to be slipping in recent years as more casual practices have started to become popular. Don’t let yourself make these five mistakes!   Limp Handshakes [...]

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Holiday Hiring is Not Dead!

In her years as an executive recruiter, Gina has come across many individuals who ease up on their job search during the holidays. These people think that businesses shut down their search during the holiday season, but that is not the case. Many companies are in fact still hiring, and [...]

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The 7 Deadly Sins of LinkedIn Profiles

  #1 Posting a photo of yourself in a dirty bathroom mirror as your profile picture… Or of yourself with a reindeer sweater at a boozy Christmas party, or with dark glasses on pretending to be a security officer, or no profile photo at all… you get the idea. Potential [...]

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5 Things New Graduates Need to Remember

 1. You Must Possess Humility Don’t assume you are the smartest person in the room. You may be the least experienced career wise. It is wise to listen more than you speak – you can learn so much from more experienced workers in a new work place!  2. You Should Have a [...]