Peckman Search Partners offers the most innovative, fair-minded pricing structure of any recruitment firm.

“Performance-Based Hiring” is a concept developed at Peckman Search Partners. It’s a model that we believe in, and have found that our clients really appreciate.

In traditional retained-search firms, clients pay one third of the recruiters’ fee up front, one third halfway through, and the final third at the end of the search – whether or not a successful outcome is achieved.

We don’t think that’s fair. At Peckman Search Partners, we don’t think we should get paid until our clients have gotten the results they’re looking for.

We continue the search until a successful placement is made, and we don’t accept payment until our clients lets us know that they are completely, utterly, over-the-moon satisfied.

Our straightforward pricing model includes only an up-front sourcing charge and a final payment equal to a hired candidate’s first-year salary. Our compensation is directly linked to achieving a good result for the client. That’s the way it should be.

There’s another pricing option that sets Peckman Search Partners apart even further – and that’s our Strategic Teambuilding package.


You can read more about our Strategic Teambuilding service here. For a reasonable monthly retainer, Peckman Search Partners will help you build out an entire team – providing not just our standard high-quality executive-search services, but also extensive strategic counsel on your hiring process.

This includes assisting hiring managers with interview training and guidance; coordinating all interactions with candidates; advising on compensation strategy; and offering valuable insight on how your hires can complement the overall direction of your company.

Depending on the extent of your needs, the Strategic Teambuilding package can save your firm hundreds of thousands of dollars, and give you access to a whole new level of employee-search service.

Companies that have already hired Peckman Search Partners on a retainer basis to build out their teams have reported excellent results – you can read a couple of their stories here and here.

We are proud to have created the concept Performance-Based Hiring and Strategic Teambuilding models. While others may emulate our approach, we don’t know of another firm out there with the experience and expertise to deliver in quite the same way. Then again, there isn’t another firm out there like Peckman Search Partners.