Chris Englin

Founder, Big Wave

Chris Englin has been a key player in the Pacific Northwest HR world since the early 1980s.  She spent 15 years on the corporate side of the business working for companies like Nordstrom and Callison before opening Big Wave Recruiting in 1997.  Along the way, she’s helped some of the region’s most important employers grow, helped local organizations thrive and amassed one whale of a network.  Chris knows just about everybody who works in Seattle-area HR, partly because she helped put many of them in one position or another.  She’s a respected, insightful professional who loves her job and loves giving others the opportunity to say the same thing.

Matt Youngquist

President, Career Horizons

Matt Youngquist is a Seattle-based career coach, resume writer, and job hunting expert who specializes in helping Puget Sound professionals navigate through today’s uncharted employment waters.  In his current role, as President of Career Horizons, he consults with clients at all levels on how to strategically manage their careers, explore their occupational options,  and market themselves successfully to new opportunities.  To date, he has personally assisted over 9,500 clients through the career transition process, in addition to the audience he reaches through his columns in the Seattle Times and Puget Sound Business Journal.

Mark Ribbing

Lead Writer

Amid the bottomless sea of information that we’re all trying to navigate, it’s valuable to have someone who can guide our network with lucid explanations of our offerings and new openings. Mark Ribbing is the writer behind our position announcements and much of the text on our website. His strategic-communications company, Nascent Wave, serves business and nonprofit clients in the Pacific Northwest and around the world. A former head of the executive writing team at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Mark is delighted to talk with anyone who might need writing and editing services for their organization. But remember – we found him first!


Mark’s superpower is his ability to effect change through language and ideas. He can transform dry, wonky text into vivid prose that makes the underlying theme come alive. When we see Mark, we see the sea change that happens when clear thoughts and clear words flow together.