Gina Peckman

Founder, Peckman Search Partners

Is Gina Peckman the real-life superhero of executive recruitment? Well, more than a quarter-century of fulfilling engagements has honed those spidey senses to dizzying levels. Instinctively, she appreciates that the intangibles are what make a particular candidate not simply qualified but just right. Known in her field as the powerhouse founder of Dynamo Recruiting, perhaps Gina’s true superpowers are her knack for evolution, reinvention, and striving to uphold the principles of the industry she helped build. And while she doesn’t wear a stylized orange ‘P’ under her clothes — or does she? — Gina is the standard-bearer for Peckman Search Partners and all that it embodies: sustained experience,  uncompromising integrity, and a personal connection and steadfast commitment to clients and candidates. As leader of the only company to bear her name, Gina champions its values and mission to create rewarding connections.


Gina’s superpower is her fiery personality, but others would say it’s her warmth—which is a slight, but significant, difference. Either way, we say: Flame on, Gina!